Canada Best Drugs logoprescription medications At Canada Best Drugs, we are also committed to providing you with affordable prescription drugs conveniently through our licensed pharmacists.

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About Canada Best Drugs

Canada Best Drugs (CBD) is your one-stop source for prescription drug savings.  CBD is committed to ensuring that our customers obtain the least expensive prices for necessary prescription medications.

Canada Best Drugs gives US citizens access to the widest range of prescription drugs through simple, convenient online ordering proven Canadian sources. We at CBD understand the high cost of obtaining prescription medications for people on fixed incomes and searched for a way to beat the high costs without compromising quality, safety, or privacy.

We found it!  With our pharmacy partners licensed and located in Canada, CBD provides you with exactly the same prescription medications that you would get at your local US drugstore at discounts that average 50%.

CBD is an example of how a free-market based, information-driven organization working in the global economy can revolutionize the delivery of prescription medicines at a significant savings to customers.  With our proven sources, dedicated customer service representatives and simple ordering system, it has never been easier to get the prescription medications you need.

Our Mission
1.  To ensure that our customers obtain the least expensive prices for prescription medications.
2.  To empower our customers to take charge of the management of their personal healthcare, assess their requirements in partnership with their health care providers, get well quickly, and stay well by providing them with lowest cost access to prescribed medications.
Canada Best Drugs
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